Prosciutto E Melone-£6.90

Sliced, chilled melon with Italian parma ham


Soup of the day

Pâté Casalingo-£5.50

Home made pâté served with hot toast

Antipasto All’ Italiana-£7.30

Platter of Italian mixed hor d’oeuvres

Coppa Di Gamberetti-£6.80

A dish of prawn cocktail served on a bed of lettuce, covered with Marie Rose sauce, garnished and served with brown bread and butter

Sardine Fritte-£6.20

Fresh sardine battered with flour and fried in olive oil

Peperoni Ripieni-£5.90

Fresh peppers stuffed with chefs speciality mince, chicken, parmesan and oregano

Costolette Di Maiale-£6.50

Spare rib in tomato sauce

Funghi Della Casa (V)-£5.90

Fresh mushrooms cooked in garlic and tomato sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese

Mozzarella in Carrozza (V)-£5.70

Sliced mozzarella cheese covered with sliced tomato, olive oil and oregano

Bruschette (V)-£4.70

Hot bread with olive oil, garlic and fresh tomato

Focaccia (V)-£5.20

Thin slices of bread topped with olive oil, oregano and salt

Pane Di Casa Fino (V)-£4.80

Special thin garlic bread

Pane Di Casa Tomato (V)-£4.90

Special thin garlic bread with tomato

Pane Di Casa Tomato & Mozzarella (V)-£5.10

Special thin garlic bread with tomato and mozzarella cheese


Cooked in garlic, white wine and lemon

Crevettes with Pancetta-£8.90

Crevettes wrapped in Italian pancetta


Panko coated squid rings

White Bait-£7.20

Dipped in flour and deep fried