Speciality Meat and Fish Dishes

All the dishes below are served with french fries, mushrooms and salad.



Pollo Melanzane-£12.90

Breast of chicken pan fried with aubergines, tomato and mozzarella cheese

Pollo Romana-£12.90

Breast of chicken cooked with tomato, onion, cream & brandy

Pollo Gorgonzola-£12.90

Breast of chicken cooked in gorgonzola cheese

Pollo Vesuvio-£12.90

Breast of chicken cooked with mushrooms, onions, garlic, chillies and peppers

Pollo Aglio-£12.90

Breast of chicken cooked in garlic with choice of tomato or cream sauce

Pollo Crema-£12.90

Breast of chicken cooked with mushrooms, onions, wine and cream sauce

Pollo Pizzaiola-£12.90

Breast of chicken cooked with anchovies, capers, olives and garlic in tomato sauce

Pollo Griglia-£10.50

Breast of chicken grilled





Scaloppini Di Vitello Valdostana-£15.90

Veal escalope with tomato, ham and cheese

Scaloppini Al Funghi-£15.90

Escalope of veal cooked in white wine & mushrooms

Scaloppini Milanese-£15.90

Breadcrumbed slices of veal fried in olive oil

Vitello Pizzaiola-£15.90

Diced veal cooked in wine, topped with tomato, olives and garlic

Vitello Alla Crema-£15.90

Diced veal cooked in wine, mushrooms, onions, seasoning and fresh cream


Meatballs cooked in tomato sauce and served with chips and salad or pasta





Gamberoni Alla Provinciale-£15.90

King prawns sautéed in garlic butter, flamed in wine with lemon sauce

Frutti Di Mare-£15.90

A very rich mixture of seafood cooked in wine, garlic and tomato sauce


Cooked in garlic, onion, white wine and lemon

Crevettes with Pancetta-£17.90

Wrapped in Italian pancetta





Fegato Veneziana-£11.90

Liver cooked in red wine, onions and peppers

Bistecca In Panata-£19.90

Sirloin steak covered in breadcrumbs, fried in oil

Fegato D’Agnello-£12.90

Lamb’s liver cooked in red wine and onions


Special Dishes

(subject to availability)


Rigatoni Alla Paesana-£10.90

Rolled beef cooked in tomato, onions and garlic with fresh basil

Pasta Del Giorno-£10.90

Ask the waiter which pasta is available

Raviolini Manzo Brasato-£11.45

Beef filled ravioli with a ham, cream and tomato sauce

Pollo San Rufo-£13.90

Ask the waiter if the speciality chicken dish is available


Please ask the waiter for the fresh fish of the day